September 25, 2016 | by Son Follower

Supporting the MISSION:Creating /Distributing Gospel Tracts, Surf Church, Beach Evangelism, Sunrise Scripture Outreach

Hello friends and family

This is NOT a fall fundraiser. This is NOT a church building fundraiser ( why are we making buildings bigger when we could just leave them open 24/7 to reach people when they are available). This is NOT  a go fund me, because we all know if GOD is in it HE will fund it ( he just uses different people that have that gift of giving).

Our mission is to share the Gospel of TRUTH in JESUS CHRIST with every person who does not know Christ or follow the real Christ. Most people do not know Christ because they have been brainwashed by Followers of Satan…….

We are currently looking for churches and individuals to support this mission. We are looking for support whether it be through a one time gift or recurrent monthly commitment. The primary message is to share the gospel through beach evangelism, Gospel Tracts (creating/distributing), sunrise scripture outreach or surf church. If you would like to support the Strockbine’s as missionary’s of the United States with the vision of Impacting the coast for Jesus please visit our website and follow the donation online directions at We look forward to hearing from you and most importantly thank you in advance for supporting for this mission. Any questions or if you would like more info contact Wayne or go to

Impacting the coast for Jesus



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