May 6, 2016 | by Son Follower

PLEASE READ:We are looking for people to partner with us……

Dear friends, family, and CHRIST Followers

Hope you all are doing well.As I informed you all earlier this week, we have stepped away from the traditional workday/part-time ministry grind.It was something we had thought and prayed about for a long while and we knew with the doors shutting all around us, it was time to take that leap of faith into full-time missionary/evangelist lifestyle. I call it a lifestyle for it is something that God has prepared me for all my life( through the good, bad, and ugly)and I feel it is not a job but my duty to SERVE CHRIST.
With the above being said and with all that I told you in the previous post, it is time for us to take the next step in this ’ only GOD knows what will happen next’ journey. The beauty of this, knowing through the belief in God’s Word and the faith in JESUS CHRIST, we will survive this if we follow HIM. Ultimately our reward awaits us in HEAVEN.
Now this is what I ask of you. We are looking for partners who want to go along with us on this mission. Not physically, but in other ways and I will explain below. Also in the next few days I will break down this mission of ’Impacting the coast for JESUS’ step by step.
First we are looking for you to partner with us through prayer. Next you can partner with us through volunteering. Finally you can partner through giving from the heart. This is the hardest part to ask, but ultimately we know God will provide us with all that we NEED to do HIS work.
Thanks for listening. If you have any questions contact Wayne. If you would like to share please feel free to do so.

Impacting the coast for JESUS


Giving can be done through our website

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