May 7, 2016 | by Son Follower

PLEASE READ ( What is the MISSION of Son Followers Minstry? )

Dear friends, family, and CHRIST followers

Here is a follow up to yesterday’s post. I just want to explain the details of this mission with the primary focus being CHRIST. Some of these activities have been going on for some time and others are in the planning process. Most of this occurs on the local level, but if it is God’s will we will be more mobile very soon. With all this being said, by stepping out in FAITH we will be able to operate 24/7.
Surf Church has been going on for 4 years now. What started as a free surf camp has transitioned into a surf church every Saturday at 16th St in Cocoa Beach. This an all ages event that has surfboards to use, fellowship, and most importantly the preaching of God’s Word. We also during the summer month’s still have free surf camps during the week. This includes free surf instruction and Bible teaching.
Skate Church has just completed its first year and runs Nov thru mid-March. This includes a 2 hour skate session, fellowship, and God’s Word. This is all free, we rent the park before it opens and it is an all ages event.
Sonrise scripture happens every morning and is a social media outreach. This is something that I do in part to get people started with a beautiful picture that God creates every morning, throw in HIS WORD, and write something pointing towards JESUS in the sand and you get a great evangelism tool. It is a great time to engage people in the topic of JESUS is your only HOPE. It is truly amazing of the amount of people who have no clue who JESUS is. Check it out on Facebook Son Followers Ministry.
Beach preaching/ evangelist/ handing out tracts. This is pretty self explanatory. Basically we go out into society and PREACH the GOSPEL to everyone. No holding back, everyone needs to hear this.
With all this being said, this all started by just collecting some surfboards and sharing the GOSPEL.The next time I write, I will explain to you broadening the vision of ’Impacting the coast for JESUS’ with the use of a 35’ RV. Please keep us in your prayers, will share soon.

Impacting the coast for JESUS


* All financial gifts for this can be made on our website

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